Kodi the successor to XBMC



Kodi has become the new name of XBMC. One reason for changing the name was because XBMC refers to the Xbox that the media center shell was once built for. Kodi is compatible with many platforms, including Android.

What is Kodi

Kodi, for those who are new to XBMC, is the perfect way to show your media such as movies on the TV. All film covers neatly presented with all accompanying film information. In addition to displaying your media, Kodi is also a video player with a lot of options. Add-ons can be downloaded so that you can also stream anything over the internet.

kodi helix

What’s New About Kodi

Kodi, version 14.0, codenamed Helix, supports the H.265 codec and can handle the new 4K resolution. The hardware acceleration for Android has been improved so that it runs nice and smooth. DLNA, UPnP and Airplay are well supported. Reading and building the media library is faster than ever before. A possibility has been added to disable automatic updates of Add-ons. And finally, a virtual Qwerty keyboard has been added.

More computing power needed for H.265

h265 hevcFFmpeg version 2.2.4 allows playback of H.265 codecs. However, FFmpeg 2.2.4 currently does not provide hardware acceleration for H.265 playback and therefore requires a strong CPU.


Android processors are ARM processors. If you get the latest version from the Kodi website yourself, make sure you choose ARM and not X86.

Upgrade from XBMC to Kodi

When upgrading to Kodi 14.0, it is wise to back up your media library just like the settings.

Fresh Kodi installation

By clicking on the button below you can download Kodi 14.0: Helix. Do this with your Android device. You download the APK file directly which you can install immediately.

Kodi is not from the Google Play. Downloading something outside of Google Play always requires an adjustment in the settings of your Android settings. Go to the security options and indicate that you trust downloading from ‘unknown sources’.

Problems opening the app? This app can help you: ES File Explorer

download app
Download Kodi 14.0


Add-ons Explorer

Get more out of Kodi? Then download the Kodi Add-Ons Explorer. Before you get started with this, it is wise to first gain basic knowledge of Kodi and therefore experiment first.

download app
Download Add-ons Explorer


Operate Kodi with Smartphone or Tablet

Kodi can also be controlled with a Smartphone or Tablet. You can download the ‘Remote for Kodi’ app for this. The film covers that you have on your Android TV device also appear on the screen of your phone or tablet. From here you can find and start your media. You can also operate the app with voice commands (English).

download app
Download Remote for Kodi
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