Are you ready for some relaxed music after singing that exciting series? With Roku you can arrange it with the click of a button. Via this device you have all your favorite streaming services on your television at once: from YouTube videos to all playlists on Spotify. We explain how this service works and what you can do with it. Sit back and learn!

What is Roku?tv-stream-roku-Tele2

A streaming media player. This gives you access to a lot of different TV channels and streaming services: from YouTube to Spotify and all other well-known film and series services. You can easily switch to your favorite channel with one click of a button. Why this can be useful? Well, for example if you don’t want to replace your TV with a smart TV. With Roku you simply bring all streaming services to your trusted old-school television. Handy, isn’t it?

How does Roku work?

To use Roku, you first need a Roku streaming stick. By plugging it into your television and connecting it to the internet, you connect your television to all streaming services. After creating your Roku account you can start watching your favorite YouTuber or favorite series. Click on your remote control, select a channel and start watching. Easy as that!

What can you watch with Roku?

A lot! In fact, Roku is one of the most used streaming media players in America. However, it differs per country which channels, films and series you can watch. If you use a VPN, the geo-blocking can sometimes be circumvented. On Roku you will see – depending on where you live – the following channels:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • HBO
  • Deezer
  • Apple TV +
  • Prime Video

And much more! You can view the entire range on the Roku website .

Is Roku available all over the world ?

Not entirely unimportant: is the streaming media player available in all over the world? Not yet. However, a number of users on the Roku community platform claim that you can use well-known services such as: YouTube, Spotfiy or Apple TV +. It is not yet known when and whether all services will become available in all over the world. We are very curious whether it will ever become just as big here as in The USA ;-).

So far, we can still enjoy our current streaming services in the world. Do you want to make your binge night extra fun? Then stream your favorite series on a mini beamer or discover even more ways to stream TV here .

Which streaming service do you still use?

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