DLNA is short for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is a standard for sharing videos, music and photos. Devices that support DLNA, or have a DLNA certification, can forward media to other DLNA devices. For example, DLNA allows you to view photos from your laptop on your tablet wirelessly. In this article, we focus on streaming media to your Android tablet.

How DLNA works

Devices can exchange media within a network via DLNA. So you can stream media from one device to another device within your home network. This can be your (Windows) computer, but also a media player or NAS server. You must set them up to share media with other devices on the network. How to set up these devices is beyond the scope of this article and is best done for the device itself.

Stream to your Android tablet via DLNA

If you have set up your devices for DLNA, you can access them via your Android tablet and play the media via your tablet. You must install an Android DLNA app for this. We use Skifta ourselves for this because of its great ease of use. With Skifta you can set from and to which device you want to stream. This way you can play videos, view photos and listen to music stored on other media on your Android tablet.

Setting up your DLNA certified devices may take some time, but once it works, it works very simply and well and we find it the easiest way to play media stored on other devices on an Android tablet.

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